Paint Memories


Walk in and paint either ceramics or canvas. 


You will be thrilled by the variety of choices available to create your one of a kind artwork.  We

regularly update our selections to provide an assortment to choose from.  If we don’t have

what you are looking for on our shelves we will try to bring it in for you.


Our prices include all the supplies for you to complete your masterpiece.

We offer two kinds of paint in the studio- kiln paints must be used for all food related items such as mugs, plates and bowls and  vases.   

What makes us great and different is our KILN.  All kiln paints are Safe non-toxic and hand washable.  We do not recommend dishwashers or microwaves.







For small children and or decorative items, we recommend acrylics in the studio for the thrill of taking home the same day. These paints are ideal for the young artist or traveller.   These paints are not food safe. 


If additional visits are required to complete your project, you can return for no additional cost to complete your art.   


We call you to pick up your creation.  


Ceramic PAINProcedures.

It is as easy as one two three..

1) Choose the bisque you wish to paint, wipe off the dust 

2) Think about your art project  and select the paints you wish to use

3) Paint and have fun. 


Kiln Firing is required for all food items


The kiln is on site.  To load the kiln is like building a three dimensional puzzle.   Every piece is placed carefully into the kiln so each piece does not touch another, nor the shelves nor the side walls.  The kiln takes between 5-6 hrs to reach 1,838 degrees before it turns itself off.   Due to the high temperature a full day is required to cool the kiln before it can be opened.   



Canvas ART is here!

Everything is here to create- paint, easels, canvas.  Walk-in and create.  We have patterns with complete instruction for those who love to paint.  


Paint Knights are events you need to explore having fun with paint.